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The Dane Delane Salon Studio team is proud and honored to officially announce our exciting new partnership with Organic Pure Care! It is our mission to provide safe and effective products that fulfill the needs and demands of each and every guest. We are constantly researching and seeking to implement the best of the best when it comes to the ingredients and quality of the products we use in our salon, while making them available to you as well. We look forward to growing as a Salon by advancing our education and welcome you along our journey! Stop by the Salon or book an experience to see for yourself!

Organic Pure Care is an all natural, plant-based, professional brand of hair care products that perform. OPC carries different lines that target specific hair needs by usingthe top of all natural ingredients. One of our favorite things about OPC is the quality of standards by which their products are manufactured. Being manufactured out of Italy means there are zero parabens, formaldehydes, silicones or surfactants. You can trust that OPC will be gentle, effective and improve the quality of your hair!

Andrea Candian created OPC in 2011. His mission was to create a line that would work safely by using delicate and performative products that do not affect the hairstylist’s main tool, their hands. That means no more harsh chemicals, just natural active ingredients – THAT WORK!

Each product line contains high concentrations of pure essential oils and extracts from plants and flowers that target specific needs. The powers and aromas of each line of products are as therapeutic as they are invigorating.