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30 Minute Customized Massage $50

  • Refresh with our focused 30 minute massage and lavender foot soak. During this massage your therapist will work on a specific area of your choice to relieve chronic pain and reduce tension. A fantastic solution for those with limited time.

60 Minute Comforting Customized Massage $80                                                                                        $90 Minute Outer Peace Customized Massage $110

  • Relax and unwind during this full body massage starting with our signature Organethic Pure Care stress-fix exfoliating foot soak. This massage will calm your mind and body transporting you to a peaceful state of self.

Cupping Add-on $20

  • Cupping uses suction and negative pressure to release tissue adhesion’s, lift connective tissue and bring blood how to stagnant areas of your body. The pulling engages the nervous system allowing for deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Add-on $30

  • Let tension and stiffness melt away while gaining deeper muscle relaxation during your massage. Following your foot soak allow your therapist to combine traditional massage techniques with the healing power of heat as warm stones are used over your entire body.

60 Minute Reiki $80

  • Rejuvenate while dissolving energy blocks and promoting a natural balance between mind, body and spirit. Your therapist will use KI or ‘Life Force’ Energy to bring about equilibrium through stress reduction, relaxation and the promotion of self healing.


30 Minute Customized Facial $50

  • A nourishing treatment for the face to experience intense hydration and radiant skin. Includes a hand and arm massage with a personalized sensory journey.

60 Minute Comforting Customized Facial $80

  • Enjoy a neck and shoulder massage to help relax and soothe sore muscles. A steam bath invites pores to open for extractions so as to leave each guest with clean, healthy, glowing skin. Includes a hand and arm massage with a personalized sensory journey.

Keratylose Facial Peel $125


Standard Makeup Application $68

Eye Makeup Application Only $30

Faux Lash Application $28

** We have gift certificate for you! Purchases can be made over the phone, through an email, or come visit our location. Our location is listed at the bottom of the page, and our contact information under Meet Our Team on the side menu!